Measuring Growth


Have you ever tried watching paint dry? It seemed that more you stare, the longer it takes to dry.

Watching paint dry is rarely a productive use of time,  but seeing a bird’s eye view of your congregational health is vitally important.    CCB introduces a new set of tools, that will enable you to SEE in near real time, a snap shot of your congregation.

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Church Communications 101

Church Communications

Smart phones, and savvy mobile phone service providers have transformed the way churches communicates. The printed church directory is slowly fading  into the recesses  of history, as emerging technologies take center stage. Some say the only constant of this decade is change and more change. Today, I would like to share a way to leverage your smart phones and have your congregation moving at the speed of church in the 21st century.

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Think Different, actuallly Do different.

Knowledge is not the same as understanding.   Why am I encouraging you and your ministry leaders to watch this video? Because, for years you have experienced church in a particular fashion.  Your church management system has exposed you to new ways of doing things, but you won’t gain understanding unless you are in it everyday.

I challenge you this week, to learn something new about your church management system.  5 minutes per day, EVERY DAY, and in a few month’s time, you’ll be a better church management power user.


June 2016 – Mobile Carrier Update

Every month – CCB strives to create a better experiences for our Church partners.    Introducing an expanded mobile carrier list, and more fixes and optimizations.   Read all about it here.


Looking for your impressions

Last month, two great mobile applications were introduced to us,  Group Leader – CCB, and Mission Connect – Potomac Conference.    Please share your thoughts, initial impressions in the comment box below, we’d love to hear from you.

Mission Connect – A connected Church

Introducing  Mission Connect,  an initiative of Potomac Conference to facilitate healthy discipleship making churches.   Available today,  all participating CCB  church members and leaders may download this via iTunes .    If your are a Potomac Conference member who WANTS this app,  ask your Pastor to make an appointment with the Potomac Conference CCB Coach, by clicking here.

Missions Connect harnesses the power of CCB into the portable convenience of your phone.  You can :

  • View your church calendar
  • View group lists, leaders and members of groups in your church
  • Online church directory – based on the privacy preferences of each church member
  • Locate ALL Conference Schools
  • Locate ALL Potomac Conference Churchs
  • Learning Library – coming soon, a place to store media content for YOUR local church.


Your church has CCB,  you have the app – now what??

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Small Group Leader App

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.29.07 AM
Image credit – Church Community Builder

Empowering your leaders to manage their ministry groups has just gotten a whole lot easier, with a mobile app designed for the ministry leader.

Sabbath School teachers, ministry leaders , Youth Leaders ,  small group leaders, and so much more – can now effortlessly communicate with their teams.

Click on the here to find out more, and download it today !


Read below the JUMP – how to configure your groups to best use the APP

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Supercharge your Calendar


Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.45.04 AMToday, let’s talk about maximizing your calendar usage by promoting a culture that RSVP.  We are all familiar with the phrase acronym RSVP for special events like weddings and banquets.  A simple RSVP lets people know you’re coming.

Building a culture that RSVP benefits your church in many ways.  Discover three ways it helps…

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Stay connected – virtual meetings

Church is  community.  All too often, we only gather for worship services and meetings.  Imagine a world where ministry leaders could meet more often per week, from the comfort of their own home.   Zoom.us  makes virtual meetings possible with up to 50 participants.

Virtual meetings shouldn’t replace your in person meetings, but give you the flexibility to include more team members.  All you need is;  a computer with a microphone, high speed internet, and an optional webcam.

Getting started: