CCB – More Mobile friendly

Game changer people,   CCB has optimized their mobile experience.   Book mark your church’s mobile site on your phone, and harness the power of CCB in the palm of your hand.

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Attendance – the little BIG picture


The simple process of remembering who attended your church can help you in planning your weekly visitation schedule. Imagine how special your guests and members would feel if they were engaged with a warm, thoughtful message (email or phone call) as soon as they missed one worship service? Could that help in creating stronger community bonds in your church?  I think so. So, cast your vision for 2017, identify a team of volunteers and staff to take attendance and begin creating a more connected church.

Here’s how:

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Getting MORE out of your Church Management System

Incorporating a church management system into your Church culture calls on your grittiness, your tenacity, and focus.    Getting the most out of CCB forces you to think different, and work different.  Below is a link from a new favorite podcast, that will encourage you along the way.    Embedded in this presentation are keys that will unlock your potential energy for change.  Listen, and post your comments below.

Scheduling re-imagined

Today, CCB introduced the BEST scheduling tool EVER.    Now, you can coordinate your serving schedules from one place,  edit multiple schedules with one click,  Team communication and file sharing, a MOBILE friendly interface (for us smart phone lovers)  Communicate with your team in REAL time, and lastly,  an updated serving preference module.

Revolutionize the way you coordinate your serving schedules

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Simple Systems

Once upon a time, I had an interest in becoming a better pianist.  I came a blog post written by Greg Howlett.  Ever since then, I check his blog periodically to keep ‘hope alive.’

August 20th, he shared a blog post about running a basement business.   I strongly encourage you to read his blog post here

Lessons from his journey

  • Simple systems simply work.
  • Systems simplify life, so you can focus on Mission and Vision
  • Simple systems are teachable

My thoughts are simply this – Re-imagine church, with simple systems that even a child can understand.    DO this, and you’ll have more time to focus on the Vision and Mission that God has dreamed for your Church.

Measuring Growth


Have you ever tried watching paint dry? It seemed that more you stare, the longer it takes to dry.

Watching paint dry is rarely a productive use of time,  but seeing a bird’s eye view of your congregational health is vitally important.    CCB introduces a new set of tools, that will enable you to SEE in near real time, a snap shot of your congregation.

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Church Communications 101

Church Communications

Smart phones, and savvy mobile phone service providers have transformed the way churches communicates. The printed church directory is slowly fading  into the recesses  of history, as emerging technologies take center stage. Some say the only constant of this decade is change and more change. Today, I would like to share a way to leverage your smart phones and have your congregation moving at the speed of church in the 21st century.

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