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Mobile Forms are here !!

Smart phones have  changed forever, the way we communicate.    These little devices allow us to do many things from the palm of our hands.  And now, you can leverage the power of the mobile platform to better engage your congregation.    Now, forms are mobile friendly, meaning they great across multiple devices.    Consult your local CCB support team to discuss ways to DO more with forms.   Below are just a few ways you can use forms.

User forms to:

  • Register for events
  • Connection cards
  • Church surveys
  • Church feedback… and MORE…


Great Ways to overcome digital strategy adoption challenges in your church

Let’s face it. There isn’t a lone single Church Management Software that will fit every church. If there were, there would be no marketplace competition. There would be no comparison charts. There would be one software that offered all of the features that every church needs. It doesn’t exist. It’s why churches spend months, sometimes […]

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